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Separation and Filtration Systems
providing gas purity.  Fuel Gas
Conditioning.  Separators to remove
solids and liquids from gas using Vane,
Filter and Cyclone Separation.
Silencers for Steam Vents, Pressure
Relief Valves, Blowdown Valves, Engines,
Compressors and Turbines.  Catalyst
silencers and elements for emissions
Ash & Lime Conveying Systems, both
Fly Ash & Bottom Ash.  Pneumatic
Conveying, Storage Silos, Rail car & Truck
Load-out, Drag Conveyors, Clinker Grinders,
and Wearback Elbows.
HUSHCORE™Sound Enclosures,
Turbine Discharge Stacks/Silencers,

Barrier Walls, Compressor Wraps and
Silencers for HVAC equipment, compressors
and fans. Acoustical Engineering.
Coal Feeders, Vibratory Conveyors,
Feeders and Screeners.  Bulk Bag /
Drum Filling, Weighing and Settling
Electric Boilers for Steam and Hot Water
Generation, to 5000 PPH. Also available in
stainless steel.
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Founded in 1933, is a prominent international
Engineer and Manufacturer of
Ash and Lime
Handling Systems
Natural Gas Pipeline Filters to
protect downstream equipment. Line
sizes starting at 2" in stock for quick
Coalescing Filters are also available
to remove liquid contaminants.
Noise & Vibration Control, Inc.
Bag Filling & Palletizing Systems,
Highly automated systems capable of
filling multiple bag sizes & types, as well
as multiple products with a single
Dawn Equipment, Inc.